american barn shed

Available in BLUESCOPE STEEL COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® cladding, Alpha Industries gives you the best quality materials at the most competitive price.

See our Brochures page to compare how COLORBOND® quality lasts in Australia’s harsh climatic conditions, when compared to other imported prepainted sheets. We highlight the COLORBOND® brand on our sheets to help our customers identify the quality product that they have paid for.

Alpha Industries do not substitute imported prepainted steel in place of COLORBOND® steel. We use the correct Registered and Trade Mark Names of COLORBOND® Colours to provide our Valued Customers with peace of mind. We ensure our customers receive the quality that they pay for.

Our Heavy-Duty Toolsheds have full internal frames with key locked doors to offer superior security.Our tiniest toolshed is under 1 square meter , built under the house eaves to store mops and brooms. The largest free standing tool shed that doesn’t require council approval is 15 square meters. A tool shed can house lawn mowers and bicycles which are used regulalrey or once in a year items like camping gear. Tool sheds can come in either a flat roof style or gable roof structure, this style choice depends on the customers preference and budget.

As either Skillion or Gable roof Toolsheds in BLUESCOPE COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME®, our fully framed Toolsheds are so sturdy, you can hang shelves to maximise your storage.
Note: excessive weights are not recommended
Provided with easy to follow installation instructions, they are the perfect DIY storage shed solution for the home handy person or if you prefer we can arrange installation for you.

Available in a large range of standard sizes or we can quote to supply a toolshed to fit your particular space.Triangular or Irregular sides are “No Problem” for our Technical Masterminds.We can help you make good use of any available space.

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