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Available in BLUESCOPE STEEL COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® cladding, Alpha Industries gives you the best quality materials at the most competitive price.

See our Brochures page to compare how COLORBOND® quality lasts in Australia’s harsh climatic conditions, when compared to other imported prepainted sheets. We highlight the COLORBOND® brand on our sheets to help our customers identify the quality product that they have paid for.

Alpha Industries do not substitute imported prepainted steel in place of COLORBOND® steel. We use the correct Registered and Trade Mark Names of COLORBOND® Colours to provide our Valued Customers with peace of mind. We ensure our customers receive the quality that they pay for.

We have fencing for every budget from standard Post and Rail to Panel Fencing with lattice infill panels. Our latest range of Panel or Neighbour friendly Fencing can span 2.9 meters in between posts, it also makes installation less work all the while looking fantastic.

Let Alpha Industries custom roll your new fence sheets to the height you require. Your new fence will never be too high or too low.We can roll 3 different profiles to suit a variety of settings. Traditional fencing is usually in CGI or Corrugated Iron. This complements Period homes with the classic wave pattern. CGI also suits modern homes with matching CGI roofs.

A more modern look is achieved with Alpha Deck (similar to Trim Deck) This sheet profile has a more modular or square face to the ridges on the sheet. Alpha Clad may be used to match your fence to your new garage.

Kit supply and installation can be arranged for you with a minimum of fuss. See our Brochure page to compare how COLORBOND® and prepainted sheets weather differently.

New to our range: Faux timber slat fencing made from maintenance free Aluminium Contact one of our experienced staff today to discuss your requirements.


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