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Available in BLUESCOPE STEEL COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® cladding, Alpha Industries gives you the best quality materials at the most competitive price.

See our Brochures page to compare how COLORBOND® quality lasts in Australia’s harsh climatic conditions, when compared to other imported prepainted sheets. We highlight the COLORBOND® brand on our sheets to help our customers identify the quality product that they have paid for.

Alpha Industries do not substitute imported prepainted steel in place of COLORBOND® steel. We use the correct Registered and Trade Mark Names of COLORBOND® Colours to provide our Valued Customers with peace of mind. We ensure our customers receive the quality that they pay for.

All of the Alpha Industries Rural and Industrial Buildings are fully engineered to satisfy the BCA (Building Code of Australia) and manufactured to meet Australian Standards. Unlike old style timber or wooden frames, we use Galvanised steel for all of our C-section Portal Frames, Purlins and Girts. The Galvanised Steel is all G450 to G550 high tensile steel and meets Australian Standards. We have designs to suit all wind speeds from 28 meters per second up to 41 meters per second.

Alpha Industries average installation waiting period is 17 weeks from council approval. We understand that time is precious and don’t make our customers wait unnecessarily. Our installation lead time is always written on our contracts.

Many door and window configurations and other options are available.

Optional hold-down bolts can ease installation.

Standard Clear Spans Available

    • 25′ Manufactured Width = 7.6m
      Note : this is 100mm larger than 7.5m and equates to 1 extra square metre of space when 10m in length
    • 30′ = 9.1m or 9.35m Gutter to Gutter
    • 40′ = 12.1m or 12.35m Gutter to Gutter
    • 50′ = 15.1m or 15.35m Gutter to Gutter
    • 60′ = 18.1m or 18.35m Gutter to Gutter
    • 70′ = 21.1m or 21.35m Gutter to Gutter
    • 80′ = 24.1m or 24.35m Gutter to Gutter
    • 90′ = 27.1m or 27.35 Gutter to Gutter


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